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I was watching The Lakehouse with my little brother.

Him being only three he kept talking throughout the whole movie. I would tell him to be quiet and watch but then I started to listen to what he was actually saying and it really got me thinking. Anytime any of the characters would smile he said “Look they’re happy.” At one point Bullock was crying and Nikolai said “Patty, look she’s sad and crying.” He continued to say things like that. When he saw them kiss at the end he asked ” Do they love each other?” It’s funny sometimes. It’s funny how a little kid sees the things around him. Imagine if we all did that. What if we all took everything for what it is? What if we saw the person that we loved and we could be happy with that? No questioning or over-analyzing of situations. My brother does things constantly that remind me of how simple things were at one point. I don’t want him to grow up. He keeps me in my place.

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Saturday Feb 2 @ 10:42pm
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